Gadkalika Temple Claim

temple is dedicated to goddess Kalika. This pretty shrine holds an amazing legend which states that, Kalidasa, the great poet had acquired his literary skills by his sincere devotion to this deity.During 7th century, Harshavardhana renovated the temple. The erstwhile Gwalior rulers rebuilt this holy shrine to its former glory. Excavations held near the temple premises unearthed bricks, a part of the plinth and other sculptures that were belonged to various periods.

Located at a distance of around two miles from the city of Ujjain, the idol in the temple of Gadkalika is supposed to have been worshipped by Kalidasa. It is said that Kalidasa was an uneducated person and it was due to his dedication to Goddess Kalika that he earned her blessings and also acquired unparalleled literary skills.

Gadkalika Temple is Famous Temple in Ujjain, You Can go Gadkalika Temple by citybus and Tempu. it is minimum 4.2 km From station to Gadkalika temple . Minimum chrges of 10 Rs. by Bus and Tempu .you can reach Within 20 minites .you can also hire Autoriksha and Tanga,By Ujjain Darshan Bus which is taken From MahakaleshwarTemple.The Minimum Charges of this bus is Rs.40, you can Travel All famous Temple of Ujjain within 4-5 hour.

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