Ujjain, is an ancient city situated on the eastern bank of the Kshipra River in the Malwa region of central India. The city is today part of the state of Madhya Pradesh, and it is the administrative centre.

One of the prominent cities of ancient India which saw the rise and fall of empires like the Mauryas and the Guptas. It was one of the four global seats of learning existed in ancient India along with Takshshila, Nalanda and Kashi. With this rich heritage of ancient learning and the development of the Knowledge City, once again is being seen as a centre of modern day learning and education. The Government of Madhya Pradesh envisages the development of Knowledge City on 448 hectares of land.


Ujjain : Ujjain Yoga Life Society is going to hold International Yoga Kumbh during Simhastha Fair from April 22 to May 21. 6000 foreigners from 120 ...Powered by  Read more

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Trees are the only thing that can provide respite during the blazing summer, which is also the duration for Simhastha mela”. The shade of a green tree ...Powered by  Read more

... put up a splendid show of alleged Siddhi by producing fire out of nowhere, in the inaugural Yajna of his 108 Kundiya Yajna scheme for Simhastha.Powered by  Read more

Ujjain : Simhastha mela authorities have become helpless over the land possession issues of Ramanandiya Nirmohi Akhara. The authorities have ...Powered by  Read more

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According to the mela administration, the rush today was less than that on ... GS Martoliya, Inspector General, Ardh Kumbh, said every bath during ...Powered by  Read more

Ujjain :  Star singer Sonu Nigam was in city on Thursday for the shoot of his new religious TV show,

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Ujjain : Amrit Varsha camp of Yogi Dushyant will be organised in the upcoming Simhastha mela. Yogi Dushyant who has been spreading Yoga ...Powered by  Read more

Ujjain: IGP V Madhukumar during the crime review meeting laid emphasis on the proactive policing during the Simhastha Fair. He asked police ...Powered by  Read more

Ujjain : A mega training of disaster management will be organized in view of Simhastha Fair on February 29. A joint team of Center for Disease Control ...Powered by  Read more

Ujjain : Development works worth crores were approved in the high power committee meeting of Simhastha mela authorities that was held here on ...Powered by  Read more

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Minister Babulal Gaur directed police administration to be on their toes to host the festival of faith Simhastha peacefully. Police should keep a special ...Powered by  Read more

Ujjain : Swami Satyamitranand, founder of Bharatmata Mandir, Haridwar initiated Simhastha mela proceedings by performing bhoomi pujan of land ...Powered by  Read more

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... with suspected ISIS links from Manglour in Uttarakhand and claimed to have unearthed a terror plot targeting the Ardh Kumbh Mela at Haridwar.Powered by  Read more

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